Do wig bring bacteria?

The healthy fashion life become the pursuit of many of our young people, not only fashion, but also health on us is very important. So in today’s fashion you wear a wig ? Are you thinking about if the wigs will bring bacteria?

According to our ordinary thinking, the wig is very dirty, very clean! Is the raw material of the wig is so. The raw material of synthetic wig is a combination of chemical fiber, no bacteria, but the the real wig raw materials from different populations.But the the human hair wig making process is quite complex, bubble syrup making process, not water, but with pure water with special syrup modulation wig care solution.The wig is immersed in the dubbed care solution for 30 minutes, in order to increase the feel. The syrup is also important, generally cheap wig with the kind of poor syrup to bubble, this elixir, not only environmentally friendly, but also cause itchy scalp.Good quality wig syrup are environmentally friendly, non-toxic.And wig to go through the acid treatment. A certain concentration of sulfuric acid is mixed with other drugs to soak wig Why peracid?In order to step closer to sterilization, after acid wig becomes no flexibility, and on the skin there is injury, it will want to reuse and ammonia, and in the same time, can be bleached wigs , after bleaching according torequirements dyeing!The role of ammonia, it is obvious going in, and remove the last link of the acid. Hair smooth, do not discount.

If you like a wig, you can rest assured bold to wearing it! If you like the wig, then go to their own to create a new image! The wig is not with germs, will not give your body harm.

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